Brand Owner

Slay and shop organics by Annu

Slay and Shop organics is not only a project, but a dream come true. After years of struggle, experimentation and dire hard work, I was able to bring this dream into reality. Slay and Shop organics is all about skin and haircare. Each and everything here are not only genuine but also experimented. Being the owner and also the founder of this skincare and healthcare line, I make sure that absolutely no compromise is done on the quality of the products. I test everything under my own observation and before the product is launched it is passed through various experiments.

This line is very dear to my heart but that one thing which matters to me the most is the satisfaction of my clients. You are more than welcome to check reviews online and see for yourself as to how amazingly these products work.

I am a certified nutritionist and herbalist who through her vision and knowledge of organic matter wants to make life easier and healthy for people. I have spent years studying and exploring this area of phytomedicine and phototherapy that has already helped thousands of my clients to transform within days. I move forward with only one objective, as to how life for my clients could get more healthier and organic.