Before & After Effects

Bye bye dark circles

Here comes this magical bye bye dark circles serum which made my dark circles so much lighter than I expected. Dark circles are really hard to get rid of and my dark circles have been there as long as i can remember but not anymore all due to this organic bye bye dark circles serum from slayandshop 🔥

Despite of it’s excellent quality the application is so easy and time saving.

Not a click bait y’all. The results are guaranteed 💯


Skin fix serum

In the era smooth glass skin, slayandshop made our dream come true.

The wholesomeness of this brand is something to appreciate. This skin fix serum really cleaned deep down into my pores, refined my pores, removed the dead skin and made my skin so smooth it also helped in controlling sebum production.

I love that it is so lightweight and gentle on my skin.

I’m so obsessed I highly recommend this to you all 😍



Scar away whitening cream

The hype is real guys!!

Since my teenage, there have been some acne scars on my face which I tried to hide in every possible way but was unable to and finally gave up and then one day I came across a review about this cream and thought about giving it a try.

After applying for few days to be honest the results were surprising. I am so happy that I can finally go out without applying makeup on my scars. My skin feels so good and everyone asks me the reason on my glow up which is because of this cream.

It's a 10/10. 💥



Herbal facial kit

When it comes to buying beauty products online, I never buy something until I am 100% convinced. I had a good feeling about this herbal facial kit as it has organic properties. I have used many other facial kits but trust me I am shocked with the result of this facial kit. It made my skin glow, lightened my pigmentations and my skin feels so alive.

Everyone I meet asks me the reason behind this glow and I just can’t thank slayandshop enough for coming up with this facial kit The difference it made on my skin is visible and in addition I am really pleased with the scent and the packaging.

I’m fully satisfied with this purchase.

Overall, it’s a hit 🔥



Acne warrior soap

I experienced a positive response from this soap.

I tried many acne removing soaps from so many different brands but because of the chemicals my acne turned much worse than before. This Acne warrior soap is probably my first organic soap and definitely the last, as you can see the affect yourself.

Not only it erased my acne, but it cleansed my pores so deeply and every time I wash my face with this soap, I feel the smoothness and I see a glow on my skin which makes me so happy.

To all the fellow girls suffering from acne YOU SHOULD TRY THE HERO 💥

# ghabrananhihai



Acne warrior serum

I just can’t get enough of this ‘acne warrior serum'

I always had acne all over my cheeks. I went to many dermatologists, but the results were not so pleasing. The acne never fully left my skin.

I came across this serum and the reviews convinced me to use it and when I tell you that my acne vanished in literally 10 days this isn’t a lie y’all and the fact that this serum contains 0% of chemicals makes it much more magical. My skin never looked so smooth and acne free since ages. My skin savior = Acne warrior serum♥️




Herbal hair oil

I’m very keen on this amazing 100% organic hair oil by slayandshop!!!

I had serious issues of baldness which made me so insecure, and everyone told me that it won’t get any better. After using this hair oil for a week, I started to see the difference, my hair started to grow so rapidly and the bald patches that I had filled so fast.

My hair is so much healthier and heavier than ever.

 I’ve never been happier and now I can finally say that I love my hair and I’m so happy with my purchase. I highly recommend this hair oil to you all



Full body herbal whitening cream

This cream actually got rid of my suntan and my skin which got dark cause of the pollution in our environment. It made my skin so smooth and brighter.

I got my glow backkk!!!

I am so happy with the results, and I am so relieved that it doesn’t include any chemical which would cause any harm to my skin. Everyone keeps asking me the reason of my glow skin let me tell you it’s this baby right here y’all. 💁🏻‍♀️